Introduction: Snowflake Cloud Mobile

How to make a tissue paper cloud with lighting and snowflakes. (With help from my flying friend)

Step 1: Tissue Paper Cloud Materials

You will need:
- Tissue Paper
- Wire
- Scissors

Step 2: Folding Tissue Paper

Step 2: Take 8 sheets of tissue paper and do an accourdian fold of 1 1/2"

Step 3: Wire

Step 3: Cut two 10" pieces of wire

Step 4: Secure Tissue Paper

Step 4: Fold the tissue paper in half and add one of the wires. Make sure to twist at the end. 

Step 5: Hanger

Step 5: Add the second wire to the other side. This will be your hanger. You will have one long wire and two short wires on either side.

Step 6: Cut Corners

Step 6: Cut each corner to round out the edges

Step 7: Lift Tissue Paper

Step 7: Lift each layer of tissue paper to the middle. Make sure to do that on the top and bottom.

Step 8: Tissue Paper Cloud

Step 8: Its starting to look cloudy.

(next steps are additives if you so wish to continue)

Step 9: Material for Lighting and Adding

Materials you will need if you wish to add lighting.

- silver party streamers
- hot glue

Step 9: Take a few strands of silver streamer and add to the bottom of the cloud with hot glue.

Step 10: Lighting Done

Step 10: I think I see lighting!!!

Step 11: Material for Snowflakes

Materials: If you wish to add snowflakes, please have the following:

- fishing line
- coffee filter snowflakes (made ahead of time)
- hot glue
- scissors

Step 12: Glue Snowflake to Cloud

Step 12: Cut a few strands of fishing line to different lengths. Put a small dab of hot glue on the fishing line to the snowflake. When that is dry then take the other end of the fishing line and glue to the bottom of the cloud. 

Step 13: Glue More Snowflakes

Step 13: Repeat the last step as much as you want it to snow. Be sure to think of the placement of each snowflake.

Step 14:

 I think its starting to get chilly. Stay warm this winter.

This was inspired by a video I saw online for "How to Make a Rainbow Showers Mobile".
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