Introduction: Snowflake Ornament Place Card Holder

Last Christmas I was thinking of a way to decorate my table with something other than Christmas trees. I came up with this. Snowflakes are great because you can use these throughout the whole winter season, not just for Christmas.


· Glass ornament place holders

· White glitter

· Snowflake stickers

· Clear drying glue

· E6000 glue or glue that adheres to glass

· Sheet of paper


· Tablespoon measuring spoon

· Small bowl

· 2 small funnels

· Paintbrush

All these supplies can be found at a craft store.

Step 1: Prepare Glue

Measure one Tablespoon of clear drying glue with two Tablespoons of water in bowl and mix.

Step 2: Prepare Ornament

Pour the glue mixture into the ornament with the funnel. Fill about one third or one half full. Swirl the ornament to coat the inside. Pour the excess back into the bowl.

Remember to cover the top of ornament to prevent spilling. Be carfeul not to break the glass. You may want a wet washcloth to clean the glue off your fingers.

Step 3: Glitterize!

Pour glitter into the ornament with the second funnel. Fill about half full. Swirl the ornament to coat the inside with glitter. Pour excess onto the paper for reuse.

Remember to cover the top of the ornament to prevent glitter from spilling. Be careful not to break the glass.

Step 4: Add Details

Glue one sticker to the ornament using the E6000 glue. A paintbrush may be used to help spread the glue over the back of the sticker. Glue another sticker to the opposite side of the ornament.

Step 5: Use

Clean tools with soap and water.

Let oraments dry for 24 hours before use.

Silde place card into the holder of the top.