So Easy-Pudding and Nilla Wafers (Whoopie Pie)

Introduction: So Easy-Pudding and Nilla Wafers (Whoopie Pie)

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You seriously gotta try these.  My kids and I love Nilla Wafers. When I went to the store to buy some I saw that on the box was a recipe for their Firecracker Bites. I instantly knew I wanted to make them, but with my own flair. I wanted to make them a little simpler, less ingredients, so it would be a fun quick snack to make and eat. I did however add fresh banana to some of mine. You could add strawberries or your favorite fruit also.

**** i copied the box then gave it a ittle flavor change.

Step 1: Ingredients


Pudding (the flavor of your choice) I chose banana cream and chocolate
Milk ( to make the pudding)
Nilla Wafers or Mini Nilla Wafers

Step 2: Make the Pudding

Simply make the pudding according to the directions on the package. Then you can either put the pudding into a piping bag or ziplock baggie and snip the end. ( I am using a piping bag) You can also just use a spoon if you want.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Just place the nilla wafer upside down on your plate and pipe a little dollop of your preferred pudding and either place a piece of fruit (like banana)on it and the top it off with another nilla wafer. That's it,so easy! So delicious and fun. I am sure you and your kids will have fun eating and making this wonderful little snack.

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