Introduction: Social Media Safety Infographic

For this project, you will need access to a computer that is able to connect to the internet and notes from the My Social Media Life assignment.

Step 1: Go to

Log in with your Google Account.

Step 2: Click Create New

Click on the teal green button "Create New" either in the middle of the screen or on the left sidebar.

Step 3: Choose Infographic

For this assignment we are going to create an infographic to summarize our learning.

Step 4: Choose a Template.

Look for a template that has already been designed with four content items.

Step 5: Click on the Main Text Box to Change the Heading.

Update the heading to grab the attention of your fellow students.

Step 6: Use Color for Emphasis

Click on the spilling paint can to change the color of a selection or element.

Step 7: Update the Graphics

Use the search funciton on the graphics tile to change the templates graphics to better match your subject.

Step 8: Update the Background

Use the background tile to edit your background to help your text and graphics stand out.

Step 9: Change the Content

Re-write the content from the template to match your goal. In this case, you are replacing each of the four content boxes with the Feelings and Options thinking routine.

Step 10: Rename Your File

Give your infographic a name that will allow you to know at a glance the purpose of the infographic.

Step 11: Save Your File

Click save to ensure you don't lose any of your work.

Step 12: Download Your File

Download your file as a PNG file with Medium quality. Then upload the file to the digital classroom.