Introduction: Socially Distance Halloween Creepy Candy Shoot

We created this creepy candy delivery shoot. Candy goes in the top and travels down the shoot to the waiting candy bag below.



PVC pipe

Black Spray Paint

Orange Halloween LIght's

Spider Webbing

3 small posable skeletons

1 large posable skeletons

1 talking grim reaper. (any decorations you have around the house or get at dollar store)

Step 1: We Just Got a Pipe at Lowes and Spray Painted It Black, Then We Attached the Large Skeleton to the End of the Pipe and the Grim Reaper to the Bottom and Used a Block of Wood to Hold Up the Bottom. Next We Attached Small Skeletons.aintPVC Pipe

Spray paint the pipe using the black spray paint.

Step 2: Attach the Rest of Your Decorations.

We attached the large skeleton to the end of the pipe and the grim reaper to the bottom and used a block of wood to hold up the bottom. Next we attached small skeletons, then we wrapped the decorated pipe with lights and spider webbing.

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