Introduction: Soda Bottle Sprinkler

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The other day, it was over 100 degrees, and the little girl needed some summer fun. A lawn sprinkler would have been great, but I didn't have one. I headed to the recycling bin and pulled out a 2-liter soda bottle.

In my box of assorted plumbing parts, I pulled out a garden hose spigot. This one is designed to screw onto 3/4" threaded pipe. That's close enough to the threads on a soda bottle to just screw the bottle right into the end of the spigot.

On the hose end of the spigot, I threaded on a garden hose. This one happens to be a double-ended (female/female) hose, which is similar to a clothes washer hose. The female connection on both ends lets you connect the spigot on the soda bottle to a standard outdoor garden hose faucet.

I punched three holes in the soda bottle with an awl - two facing up, and one out on an angle.

Also, by adjusting the knob on the soda bottle, you can make it go from a high-powered sprinkler, down to a low-power drinking fountain!

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  I later made another version of this sprinkler, which uses ONLY a water bottle as the sprinkler material. Click here to see the MK2 Soda Bottle Sprinkler.
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