Introduction: SodaCan "stove"

A soda can mini stove/fireplace that keeps you warm. Or you can just burn stuff in it. I was just testing out my new rotary tool thingy so this is the first thing i built with it.

I am NOT responsible for any injuries, or damages caused by building and using this SodaCan "stove".

BTW i didn't copy this from that other fireplace instructable. i built this before i saw that one.

Please rate, rate it what it deserves. (comment too, even if you want to yell at me)

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1. (2) Metal Soda Cans
2. Craft Wire


1. Need Nose pliers
2. Dremel(and attachments) or : Sand paper, Drill, Something to cut the soda cans.

I bought a dremel because of it cheapness(i don't have much money) and multi purpose ability.

Step 2: Cut Out Holes

Ok first you have to outline where you want the door to be on your soda can.

Then clamp the soda can down and cut the door area out using the dremel/rotary tool cut off disks.

Next draw out where you want your chimney.

Drill a small hole and use needle nose pliers to peel out the shape.

Then sand into nice circle with dremel.

Step 3: Add Chimney Build Door.

So with that door hold scrap form a cylinder and fit it into the chimney hole, snuggly.

Wrap some wire around it to make it keep shape near the top.

Ok taht was the easy part now to build the grill door.

1. Draw out a rectangle larger than the door hole you made on ANOTHER soda can.
2. Draw all the cool "grill cutouts" within that rectangle. (See pictures)
3. Clamp the sodacan and cut out the grill cutouts.
4. Then cut out the whole door.

Step 4: Hinges

Ok, i didn't have any hinges. So if you do skip this step and just attach your hinges yourself.

To build hinges:

First draw an outline like this ---||------------------||--- on the top part of the door hole (on the can with the chimney.) see the picture if you dont get it.

Next cut some slots in your grill door.(where it is in the picture)

Insert the slots onto the tabs you made in the first step.

Bend the tabs over the slots.

You now have a hinge. You might have to trim the metal to make it smooth.

THIS PART IS CONFUSING. THE PICTURES HELP.(the are in the order you have to do it)

Step 5: Stand

Build a simple stand out of wire. Picture below. I think you can figure it out yourself.

Step 6: Build Your Fire

Open the grill door, put flammable materials in, ignite flammable stuff, close door.


Touching any part of the can, can result in burns.

Step 7: Extra Photos

Here are a whole bunch of pics that i took.

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