Introduction: Soft Caramel


Sugar ...200g

Milk ...100g

Butter ...50g

Vanillin ...1g

Salt ...1 pinch

Step 1:

  • Pour sugar in a saucepan or pan with a thick bottom and begin to heat over medium heat. It must be mixed, otherwise the sugar from the bottom will burn, and from above it will not even begin to melt. Keep on fire until all the sugar has melted and becomes a golden amber color.

Step 2:

Remove the stewpan from the heat and gradually, stirring constantly, pour in the warm milk.

Note:(If you pour all the milk at once, the caramel will gather in a lump. I draw your attention - caramel should not boil!)

Step 3:

Add vanillin, a pinch of salt

Step 4:

Then remove the finished caramel from the fire and add butter. Mix until smooth.

Step 5:

If you want to transfer the caramel to another container, then you need to do this immediately after cooking.

Step 6: