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Introduction: Soft Case for Your Small Electronics

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Here is a fuzzy sock for your I-pod, phone, camera, MP3 player, or whatever you carry around and want to keep it protected while keeping it cute! Takes only about five minutes!

To keep your I-pod warm, you will need:
Sewing Machine (and all the stuff that you normally need for sewing)
Ruler (unless you are good without one)
Some Fabric* (soft is best, keeps the screens from scratching)

*You only need about 1/8 a yard for and i pod, phone, or skinny camera.
But if you have a bulkier camera, you might need  1/4 of a yard.

Step 1: Measure and Sew

Wrap the cloth around your object, make sure there is about 1/2 to 3/4 in. extra room for seam.
Turn it inside out, and sew. (I tried sewing a 1/2 in. seam, but it was to big, I'd try a 3/8 in. seam.)

Remember at the top to back stitch,  (it kinda ties a knot, so your stitching won't come undone)

When finished sewing, slip your I-pod in to check if it fits, if it doesn't try doing another 1/8 in. seam again. 

Step 2: Cut and Turn

Cut away the extra seam that you don't need, but make sure you don't cut too close!
Cut all the corners off, this will help them look square and not circle.

Turn your sock right-side out. Push a pencil into the corners so it looks nice and square, (look at picture)  Slide your Ipod in! comfy!

Step 3: Decorate

You can decorate it with whatever you like = buttons, ribbons, nothing, sequins, beads, etc!
Add a little personality! Or leave it plain, so you can slide it in your pocket easier.
You can also add a strap, a little hand strap could keep it close!

Have fun keeping your I-Pod warm!

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