Introduction: Soft Latching Power Switch ON / OFF Circuit

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Simplest Soft Latching Power Push Switch ON/OFF Circuit

This soft Latching Power Switch circuit design contain only two transistor, resistors and momentary push button switches,so this is one of the cheapest way to get your work done

You can use any Transistor in this circuit, just it will need to find proper ressistance value accordingly, cheap don't always worst this circuit only consumes 1.8 Micro Amperes at off state

You can really improve this circuit by replacing mosfet's instead of transistors

Step 1: You Will Need

1. 1 kilo ohm ressistors *2
2. bc547 and bc557
3. Two push buttons
4. Protoboard

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Follow this circuit Diagram

Step 3: Watch Full Tutorial