Introduction: Soft and Easy Lemon Sorbet

What do pecan pie and creamy, soft lemon sorbet have in common? Sugar and Karo syrup. This 30 second video shows how to make a creamy, fat free frozen treat that's sure to tickle the most delicate palate.

Traditional frozen ices have been around since the Romans sent runners to the mountains to bring ice in time for dessert.

In this video I use lemon juice, sugar and karo syrup in making the sorbet. By using Karo brand light syrup will depress the freezing point of the mixture and lead to the formation of smaller crystals. This insures that the frozen ices remain a soft, tasty delicacy and not a frozen nugget with all the culinary impact of a ice cube.

The quantity of karo syrup used in the mix will directly affect the amount of time required to pre-chill the mix when using it in an ice cream maker. Because the syrup depresses the freezing point the mixture must be significantly pre-chilled before the final mix.

It's also great for making traditional "Kool Aid brand freezer pops" which suffer the same drawback. Frozen water is not really a tasty treat and does not substitute for "store bought" popsicles. By adding a little bit of karo syrup to the popsicle and stirring a few times during freezing you can easily create popsicles your children will prefer over anything they find at the local store freezer.

I hope you enjoy this. If you actually want to make sorbet using this process I strongly recommend you single step through the video. The directions are all there and can be readily followed but 30 seconds did not leave me much margin.

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