Introduction: Soft Jaws for Your Bench Vise

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Every DIYer knows how precious a bench vise can be in a workshop, but there's something about them that annoys me quite a lot: many vises' jaws have a knurled surface, which on one hand prevents your workpiece from slipping out of the vise, but on the other hand it can ruin a piece, leaving little dents on it. I came up with a cheap solution to this problem.

Step 1: Here It Is...

I was digging in my scrap wood bin when I bumped into this leftover piece of trim. I noticed it fitted my vise's jaws perfectly, so I just cut two pieces out of it, matching the jaws' width. Then, using a forstner bit, I bored two recesses on the inside part of them, to host some cheap round magnets I had bought previously. I glued them in place with a dab of two parts epoxy resin and waited for it to set completely. Ad you can see from The pictures, one of the magnets broke because its recess was not deep enough, so when I tightened the vise, it snapped. Anyway, it works quolite well.
Next time you're doing some fine woodworking you won't have to worry about overtightening your vise on your workpiece: just slap the inserts on, and you're good to go. Now it's just a matter of remembering where you stored them when you need them!