Introduction: Solar Powered Pipe Light

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For around $50.00, create this interesting solar powered light with just solar lights, iron pipes and paint. Since the lights are solar powered, no need for cords or plugs. Perfect for late night backyard barbecues. I used a chain and hung mine on the fence, but you can hang yours anywhere such as a tree, a shepherd's hook, or on your porch.

Step 1: What You Will Need

3 - 1/2-in Dia 90 Black Iron Street Elbow Fittings

3 -1/2-in dia Black Steel Nipple Fittings (2 - 3”, 1 - 8”)

1 - 1/2-in dia Black Iron Plug Fitting

4 - 1/2-in dia Black Iron Tee Fittings

Rust-Oleum Black Hammered Enamel Spray Paint

3 - Garden Solar Lights (heads only)

Degreaser (I like Krud Kutter)


Step 2: Instructions

1) Clean all of the pipes with a degreaser like Krud Kutter. Spray directly on the pipes and wipe off with a cloth

2) Connect all of the pieces as illustrated

3) Paint

Step 3: Finishing

Place a solar light head in each of the elbow fittings

String chain through the top tee fitting and hang on a fence, tree or Shepard's hook

Let the sun charge up the lights and enjoy

Step 4: Other Ideas

I also made table top versions of this pipe light by mounting them to heavy wood bases with 1/2-in dia Black Iron Floor Flange Fittings.

Step 5: What They Looks Like at Night

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