Solar Station

Introduction: Solar Station

Solar watering system with Arduino (ESP8266) and a 9V water pump.
Plants are very happy with it.

Source code on GitHub here:


  • Arduino C++ sketch running on an ESP8266EX D1 Mini from Lolin running at 80MHzRaspberry + Home Assistant for Web GUI, automations and MQTT server
  • 88x142 5V solar panel
  • Sony VCT6 18650 Lithium Battery
  • TP4056 protected lithium charger
  • MT3608 DC DC step up module to step up battery voltage @ 5.5V, ESP chip is happy with it
  • MT3608 DC DC step up module to step up battery voltage @ 8.66V, water pump is powerful with it
  • Relay Shield to safely power the water pump and "detach it from the circuit"
  • (100kΩ + (22kΩ + 4.4kΩ)) voltage divider for Battery voltage level monitoring circuit
  • 3.5V/9V water pump (3W @ 9V)
  • TTP223 capacitive touch button with A contact soldered (HIGH signal when button is not pressed, LOW signal when button is pressed), used to reset the microcontroller
  • Google Home Mini for Voice Recognition

Step 1: ​Project Is Bootstrapper With Arduino Bootstrapper

Step 2: Wiring Diagram

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    2 years ago

    Thanks for posting. I'm intrigued by the project. It would be nice if you gave a more detailed explanation of what it does, features and basic operating principles.
    I think that most people would appreciate and find a step by step guide on construction helpful. It would also be great if you included the source for specialty items such as the water pump. The concept of Instructables is to provide enough information so others can make the project too. Thanks!