Introduction: Solar Station

Solar watering system with Arduino (ESP8266) and a 9V water pump.
Plants are very happy with it.

Source code on GitHub here:


  • Arduino C++ sketch running on an ESP8266EX D1 Mini from Lolin running at 80MHzRaspberry + Home Assistant for Web GUI, automations and MQTT server
  • 88x142 5V solar panel
  • Sony VCT6 18650 Lithium Battery
  • TP4056 protected lithium charger
  • MT3608 DC DC step up module to step up battery voltage @ 5.5V, ESP chip is happy with it
  • MT3608 DC DC step up module to step up battery voltage @ 8.66V, water pump is powerful with it
  • Relay Shield to safely power the water pump and "detach it from the circuit"
  • (100kΩ + (22kΩ + 4.4kΩ)) voltage divider for Battery voltage level monitoring circuit
  • 3.5V/9V water pump (3W @ 9V)
  • TTP223 capacitive touch button with A contact soldered (HIGH signal when button is not pressed, LOW signal when button is pressed), used to reset the microcontroller
  • Google Home Mini for Voice Recognition

Step 1: ​Project Is Bootstrapper With Arduino Bootstrapper

Step 2: Wiring Diagram

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