Introduction: Solar Sundial Clock From Hubcap

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Had an old hubcap laying around.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

1. Old hubcap

2. Drill

3. Rod or dowel

4. Spray paint

5. Protractor

6. Marker

7. Number stickers

Step 2: Start With Old Hubcap

Clean it or paint it as you wish.

Step 3: Drill a Hole in Center

Make hole diameter about half again the diameter of the rod you are using.

Step 4: Determine Your Angles

With a protactor, point 90 degrees at the top of your hubcap, then measure off every 15 degrees to zero and every 15 to 180. I marked these points with a black permanent marker. I then pasted the numeric stickers in their proper positions. You will angle the pointer at about 45 degrees into the ground. The pointer should be about lined up with the sun at 12 noon. Being we are in daylight savings time here, that is a little east of compass south today. I suppose in a couple months I'll redo to set for standard time, pointing a little more south. There is all sorts of discussions for an exact settings on the internet. Don't want to hear it. If I want exact time, I'll look at my phone. This does good enough for my rural garden.

Step 5: Preserve It

The final step I did was to preserve the numbers etc. So I found some clearcoat spray paint and sealed everything in clearcoat. Enjoy

BTW... this last photo was taken about 1:50 in afternoon.

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