Introduction: Solar Window Panel From Scraps.

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I measured the dimensions of my Sunny Window. I decided to use the afternoon sun exposed side.

Please excuse if I use wrong words, I was in an accident recently, and am still recovering.

For this Project I took items from my home.

- I medium thick Display board.

- Velcro pieces, As many as you need to attach the solar roll up with. I would suggest to reinforce the solar panel fastening with a craft wire to the craft board.

I found out that Sun heat has melting effect on the VELCRO GLUE.

- an Exacto knife to cut a hole in the bottom of the panel . To feed the charging wires through.

- I have 4 roll up. Which means the Solar panels are built into a sturdy canvas.

Solar Panels, they can be rolled up safely. I used to have 2 unrolled on my front car dash. I always park in the Sun

They got enough charge into my 12 000 m-ah Powerbanks,

to charge my phone at work if needed. See Pictures above.

Step 1: This Is What the Folded Solar Panel Looks Like. I Purchased This From Instructables Own Author

Joshua Zimmerman and Browndoggadgets

I found Joshua Zimmerman under the featured Authors and realized I had bought ALL MY TRAVEL SOLAR PANELS from him

Step 2: On My White Board I Will Now Measure the Solar Panels and And Velcro Them On

As well as apply the Velcro strips onto the White board.

On the Big picture you will see, how 1 Solar Panel unrolled will take up 1/3 of the White board.

I could probably put 4 on, but I want to trial run 3 first.

Step 3:

My First image shows the double micro or mini connector you can attach with an USB HUB 2 Powerbanks can be charged at once.

2. now I have installed all 3 Solar panels

and its done.

Step 4: Final TouchesI Cut a Small Triangular Opening Into the Lowest Part of My White Background.

This part will lead my charging wires back into my house.

I installed the total panel in less than 5 minutes , and my 2 Solar Powerbanks are connected.

I ordered the new weather resistent Powerbanks From BROWN DOG

They will make a nice addition.

My last note. Power charging sucks a lot of power, and i am trying to get off the grid