Introduction: Solid Perfume Locket

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When you think of perfume, you imagine a liquid in a spraybottle. In this instructable, I will teach you how to make solid perfume. You can wear it on a necklace or a keychain.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

A crayon (this is a great opportunity to get rid of the rarely used white crayons)

Scented essential oil

A container for the solid perfume (I used a locket)

A mini hot glue gun or flame to melt the crayon

Step 2: Remove Crayon Wrapper

Peel the paper off the crayon.

Step 3: Heat

Plug in your mini glue gun


use a flame from a lighter/match/stove

Step 4: Melt Crayon

Insert the crayon into the hot glue gun to melt the wax


hold the crayon over a flame to melt the wax

Step 5: Insert Wax

Put the melted wax into your container.

Step 6: Add Scent

Before the wax hardens, add a few drops of scented essential oil.

Step 7: Stay Safe!

Don't forget to unplug the hot glue gun


put out the flame

Step 8: Harden Wax

Let the wax cool and harden. Now you have solid perfume!

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