Introduction: Solid Rocket Fuel

This Instructable will teach you how to make solid rocket fuel at home with only sugar and stump remover. The solid rocket fuel may be used on smaller model rockets for propulsion. It is very easy to make your own batch of fuel.

Warning! Build this at your own risk

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

White sugar

Potassium nitrate (I used 100% potassium nitrate stump remover)

Pan (do not use for cooking after this project)



Lighter or torch

Fire extinguisher

Protective gear/clothing

Container for fuel, I used a PVC end cap

Step 2: Creating the Fuel

The fuel is a mixture of 65:35 potassium nitrate to sugar

The batch displayed in the images is 65 grams of potassium nitrate and 35 grams of sugar. The potassium nitrate was measured out to its correct mass. The sugar was then added to make the mixture have a mass of 100 grams.

Heat up the pan at a medium temperature setting for 1.5 minutes.

Then slowly pour the powder mixture into the heated pan. Make sure it is spread out evenly.

The mixture should be heated until the sugar begins to turn a brown color. This happened after approximately 2.5 minutes.

Then stir the mixture until white powder is no longer visible.

Pour the liquid into your fuel container. I used a PVC end cap.

After all of the fuel is in its container, place the container in a freezer.

Let the container sit in the freezer until the fuel inside completely cools and solidifies.

Step 3: Lighting the Fuel

Once the fuel is heated, it will burn. Be careful where it is stored.

When you want to ignite the fuel, simply light it with a lighter or a torch.

It should quickly begin to burn and let out large amounts of smoke.

This project was inspired by Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" and research online

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