Introduction: Solving a 5x5 Rubik's Cube

A gift from my kid, intended to be a challenge launched me into exploring solutions for Rubik’s cube. I was not able to find any simple, uncomplicated solutions with adequate details in my journey. Hence, decided to put together this instruction based on my experience. I have tried to explain the underlying principles and moves to help a beginner understand, explore and design one’s own solutions to solve the cubes.

Step 1: Prologue and Piece Descriptions

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Step 2: Move Notations & Centre Pieces

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Step 3: Centre Pieces Contd.... and Forming Edge Triples

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Step 4: Forming Edge Triples Contd...

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Step 5: Forming Edge Triples...Contd

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Step 6: Solutions for Specific Situations & Solving It As a 3 X 3

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