Introduction: Soothing Hot Chocolate...

Have you ever come home and wanted some way to quickly relax and shut out your bosses constant yelling? Well then I have the magic elixir for you.

This hot chocolate will change your opinion on the differences between chocolate and vanilla. That's right I've found a way to combine them together in perfect harmony.

I call it; Soothing Hot Chocolate. ~D

Step 1: One

Here the ingredients:

Chocolate Flavored Powder

Here and the materials:

Coffee cup
Spoon (2)
I c. measuring cup

Once you have that, you ready to move on!

Step 2: Two

Pour in 1 cup of milk into the measuring cup.

Then, put it in the microwave for about 1 min. and 30 sec. You can put it in for longer if you choose.

Step 3: Three

Once you're done heat the milk, put about two drops of the 100% Pure Vanilla extract. Stir. Then put in two table spoons of the Chocolate Flavored Powder, stir.

You can add more Choclate powder if youwant but try not to add a lot of Vanilla, it can over power the entire drink.

Step 4: Enjoy!

The Pour the whole mix into the coffee cup and you're ready to relax, with your new favorite drink.

You can toy around with other ingredients. You can add cinnemon to get give a another different taste, but try to keep to to basics of the original recipe.