Introduction: Sound Cancelling Portable Studio Box

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Want to record music at home but it's too noisy and too expensive to create a soundproof room? Well I have the perfect solution for you. Easy and less than $15 (A lot less than the hundreds you would spend to treat a room). All you need is:

*Storage tote (Free if you empty out one you already have)
*Memory foam bed pad ($9.99 @ Wal-Mart)
*Spray adhesive or medium tube of gel superglue
*Sharpie marker

Step 1: Measure and Cut Pad

Place pad around the outside of tote and mark with sharpie the length and width of the three outside walls.

Step 2: Lining

Line the inside with piece of pad you cut, leaving space for an arch towards the back. The arch will produce better sound.

Step 3: Top and Bottom

Next cut out two pieces for the top and bottom of booth box. Line the bottom. Use a sharpie to Mark where there is excess padding then cut the excess away, then place back. Save all excess pieces to stuff into empty spaces between padding sides, top and bottom. Spray the adhesive or spread glue in each section you're working on only after you've gotten the padding cut perfectly to your liking (!Use glue products in a well ventilated area or outdoors!).

Step 4: Finish!

Allow glue to bond for about 30 minutes, then cut off any excess around the edges and add any scraps in creases. Now you're ready. You will notice a remarkable difference in the sound quality of your recording, and you didn't have to break the bank to do it.