Introduction: Sound Glove JQ6500

About: Maker and Cosplayer

micro button 12x12mm DTS 21N
crimp contact
Shrink tubing Glue - E6000 and super glue

Control cable - LIYCY 7X0.14
Control cable - LIYCY 6X0.14

Module - JQ6500
Output audio - JACK 3,5 stereo ST-3092
Terminal blocks - PTR AKZ700/2-5.08-V-GREEN
4x - 4 female header pins
Plastic box 43x33x22mm - KM1 ABS BLACK ST Circuit Board

Step 1: Circuit Scheme

Module - JQ6500
JQ6500 Mp3 Player Module Software:

Step 2: Prepare Cable for Buttons

I used control cable - LIYCY 6X0.14

  1. Remove the rubber protection
  2. Divide the cable into data and ground
  3. Solder 5 wire to the ground

Step 3: Remove the Rubber Protection of Each Wire

Step 4: Buttons

  1. Stretch cord glued to the button
  2. Put crimp contacts to the buttons and bend it

Step 5: Solder the Wire to the Button

Step 6: Sew Stretchy Finger Sleeves and Glue It to the Buttons.

Glue: E6000

Step 7: Finishing the Glove

  1. Stretch cord carefully glued to the stretchy finger sleeves
  2. Painted to the black

Step 8: External 5V Power Supply

  1. Remove the rubber protection
  2. Solder two-wire cable for external 5V power supply
  3. Solder other wires

Step 9: Dock

  1. Cut circuit Board
  2. Solder 8x terminal blocks
  3. Solder 4x4 female header pin

Step 10: Output Audio

JACK 3,5 stereo ST-3092

Solder 3 wire and cover it with shrink tubing.

Step 11: Box

Abs plastic box 43x33x22mm

Drill two holes for cable and audio jack.

Step 12: Final Completion