Introduction: Sewing Mannequin or Armor Stand

About: Maker and Cosplayer

Sewing Mannequin or Armor Stand



  • duct tape body
  • functional underwear


  • waste pipe


  • foam plate
  • crushed foam
  • mounting moam
  • duct tape


  • 600x450x4 mm steel plate
  • black paint for metal
  • M8 countersunk screw
  • 1 m M8 threaded rod
  • nut
  • extension nuts
  • screw washer
  • 0,5 m steel tube
  • 0,5 m rubber tube
  • floor protectors

Step 1: Skeleton

I started at the shoulders, using three T-profiles so that they were symmetrical on each side.
I measured the rest of the tubes according to the dimensions of the body and I cut them.

Step 2: Filling Legs

I used crushed foam for filling and tried to squeeze it as much as I could. After that I taped the holes.

Step 3: Shoulder Padding

I rolled the foam plate around the tubes.

Step 4: Filling Rest of the Body

Step 5: Finishing the Body

I removed the excess foam and fill the holes with mounting foam. When the foam was dry I cut it and sanded it.

Step 6: Neck Part

I heated up the pipe so I could bend it and cut it. I put duct tape neck on the body and fill it with mounting foam. I sanded it and cover it with black duct tape.

Step 7: Preparing for Stand

I cut the foam so that both legs were symmetrical.

Step 8: Stand

600x450x4 mm steel plate

I dye it black and then sand it. Drilled 2 holes for countersunk screws. I connected the threaded rod to the screw using an extension nut. I slipped a steel tube onto the threaded rod and tightened the nut. Rubber tube protects the thread.

Step 9: Completion

I used functional underwear to cover the tape.