Introduction: Sound Riser

My sound system was broken so I decided to make a simple amplifier circuit with vu meter. It works pretty good and it's cheap too. I got my parts about 16$. So start to make your own mini Sound Riser I promise that it will worth it if you done everything correctly.

Step 1: Collecting Required Parts and Schematic

-150W / 4Ohm / Dual Cone LoudSpeaker
-VUMeter and Amplifier circuit (Kit or do it yourself)
-12V and 9V battery
-Audio Cable
-Toggle Switch
-FM Transmitter Circuit
-FM Receiver Circuit
-Preamplifier Circuit
-220ohm resistor
-104(Code) Capacitor
-9V Battery Clip
-Potentiometer Knob(Optional)
-Some Creativity

Step 2: Start Making...

First, we need to put our loudspeaker into the enclosure. I use some hot glue to hold it in place.Then, I connect 4 wires (2 per each terminal of the speaker). 2 of them goes to vu meter circuit and others are go to the amplifier circuit. At this point I drill some holes in  enclosure and hot glue the vu meter.

Step 3: Making "Audio In" Jack

I cut out two piece of long wire and solder it to the jack and secure everything with heat shrink tubing.

Step 4: Building the Receiver

I made a FM receiver circuit and solder "output" wires to the "input" of the preamplifier according to the schematic.

Step 5: Transmitter Circuit

Now, we need to make the transmitter circuit to transmit our voice to amplifier. For this I used radio transmitter and some other components.Then I tune it in the non-used radio frequency and test it luckily it works.

Step 6: Assemble Everything Together

It's time to assemble everything according to the schematic. I put amplifier and preamplifier in top enclosure and make a groove to feed wires inside of it. Then add some final touches and hot glue everything in the big speaker enclosure.

Step 7: Results...

In conclusion; I think that it have pretty good sounds and style. However It also needs a paint job and some minor adjustments. There is the video I hope you liked it.

P.S.= Sorry for bad english and video. Wireless voice transmission not shown in video.


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