Introduction: Sound Sensing Light Bulb.

Design is the planning and thought of creating something. A project coming from your imagination and making it real. When designing you need to make sure you know what is design thinking. Design thinking is how you plan everything ahead of time. For example, your goals, your ideas, and most importantly, solve the problems before they occur. Design thinking will help you be successful in your project and make everything go smoothly. My design was a light bulb that turned on when you clapped. I first looked at how the electronics work and then I made sure to sketch on paper, ¡get the right materials, and solve some problems I thought I would face.

Step 1: Discovery and Interpretation

It is important to have empathy while designing something. Empathy is being able to relate to others and be inside their shoes. This is important because you can identify the users problems and how to fix them. I the user has a problem you can understand him and his needs in order to make the design use-full and successful. My user was m and my brother. We wanted to add a little touch to our room and he came up with the sound sensing light bulb. Many sound sensing light bulb's are out on the market but they are to expensive so I decided to try and make a cheaper alternative. We had to make sure it was bright. Responsive. and could last a while. So iI decided to include batteries.

Step 2: Ideation

Ideation is when you gather ideas and brainstorm. For example, when you want to make a paper airplane you brainstorm different ideas of how they could look like or fly.

Step 3: Planing

I wanted to be prepared for anything that could go wrong. I searched ll the pieces and ordered them online and made sure to order extras incase I broke one by accident. I then researched how the circuits work and how everything binds together, it seemed simple.

Step 4: Building

When I got my materials I was exited to get started on the project. I had never used a soldering pen before but I decided I knew the basics and did it myself. Of course I burned myself about 3 times, thats when I finally gave up for the day. I was nervous on how to get the project done on time so the next day I decided to try again. This I didn't only burn my hand, i also burned my brothers hand. This time i decided to quit for my own safety. Teacher, if your reading this, please read the next step.

Step 5: Reflexion

Although you may be disappointed in my failure and I will get a bad grade in school I am happy to say I learned something my classmates didn't. I learned how to fail and when to fail. I know I learned something from my failure and I also learned my limits and what I need to improve on. Electronics are not my specialities and I will make sure to understand them better. Next time I decide to get on a project like this one I will make a realistic goal while still pushing my limits. It is safe to say I have learned my lesson and this will help me become a better designer for the future. Thank you for your time.

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