Introduction: Design for Change Plane From Scratch

I used light weight wood used in many RC planes, sI used super glue to paste all the parts and used the measuring tape to get all the measurement right. I used the exacto knife with adult supervision to make sure to be safe and printed papers that show the physics and measurement for wing uplift

Step 1: Designing

I based my design on a cessna 206. It is a great glider and has a simple design, I first made a list of all the materials I needed, after that I brained storm how to put the plane together and what would be the most efficient way, them, I thought about the situations I would face and how to be prepared to face them.

Step 2: Building

I first constructed the wing because the whole plane is measured by the chord (the width of the wing) this is why I had to construct the wing before anything else, then I moved on the the tail wing. This was the most difficult part due to weight and space. The last thing we built was the fuselage because it was the center of the whole plane and the most difficult design. I pasted everything together carefully which took around an hour and a half.

Step 3: What I Learned

I learned that there is much more to planes than meets the eye, every single cm of the plane is made that way for a reason, everything is calculated to be exact and precise. This is why I would like to acknowledge the engineers who build and design planes. They are normally discriminated from the accomplish of a new plane or design which is not fair since they take years just to make one plane.

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