Introduction: Sound Tracking Concept

It is good to build a sound tracking system, that makes the motor move to the direction of the sound. There are posts here called sound localization using arduino.
however, there is probably a simpler way to do it. It is simply using a circuit that compares 3 audio level and rotates the motor to the strongest source.
Here you do not need microcontroller, or programming.
I know that PIC programming does not appeal to some DIY makers..
3 MICs collect sound, amplified by simple op-amp for each mic.
3 signals fed into a comparator circuit, which ensures motor moves towards the direction where mic received strongest signal.
I did not design the circuit yet, although it should be fairly easy to do that even on a simulation like workbench.
suggested components can be
3 X condencer mic
2 X LM324 Quad-opAmp (3 are used as op amps and 3 used as comparators)
any H-bridge motor control circuit.
small DC motor.
---final note
Circuit can be replicated for vertical movement to have 2-axis audio tracker.
Hope you like the concept.

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