Introduction: Soundbar XXL

Transform the old bulky (and loved) Loudspeakers to a good sounding nice furniture for your home cinema, or TV, or just to make them fit in a modern home.

Step 1: Materials

  • a pair of floorstanding loudspeakers. This was made using a pair of 12 inch Cervin Vega:s. They had already been touched up with some white adhesive vinyl plastic.
  • one wood board for the bottom
  • one laminated, or painted board for the top
  • 6 pieces of 10 cm high furniture legs
  • some vinyl, double sided carpet tape, and paint to cover some gaps

Step 2: Lay the Speakers on the Floor

Put the speakers on the floor to figure out the sizes of the wood boards. Leave 9 - 10 cm space between the speakers and the wall.

The bottom board should be cut slightly smaller than the footprint of the speakers, and the top board should be slightly larger. The size of my bottom bord is 150 x 36 cm, and the top board is 155 x 43 cm.

Step 3: Mount the Furniture Legs

Mount the furniture legs to the under side of the bottom board.

Step 4: Add the Speakers

Put the speakers on the bottom board, and close the gap between the speakers.

The gap on the top side can be covered using adhesive vinyl plastic.

Cover the front with a piece of left over from when the top board where cut to size. Use double sided carpet tape to make it stay in place.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Add the top board and enjoy your new Soundbar XXL.