Introduction: Sounds of the Wild How To:

This is a step by step introduction to I.M.Ps, or Interactive Media Projects. In this "How To" I will show you how to make an interactive drawing.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Vellum Paper
  • Copper Brad Fasteners
  • Tynker (audio files in Tynker must be MP3)
  • Alligator clips (4)
  • MakeyMakey board
  • Something to color with (I use crayons and colored pencils)
  • Pencil
  • Grounding Strap

Step 1: Storyboard!

Story-boarding is the time when you can put all of your ideas for your I.M.P on paper. You can see my storyboard for this project above.

Step 2: Draw Your Picture

Here is the video of me drawing "Sounds of the Wild".

Step 3: Add the Copper Fasteners

The copper brad fasteners are what connects your picture to the MakeyMakey. Careful not to rip the paper or jab yourself when pushing the brads through the paper.

Step 4: Connect to MakeyMakey

The MakeyMakey board acts like a keyboard that plugs into your USB port. The front of the MakeyMakey has arrows that correlate to keyboard arrows. For this I.M.P I attached alligator clips to "up", "down", and "left". The sounds will be added using Tynker in the next step. *Note: You must be wearing the ground strap and have an alligator clip attached to Earth at the bottom of the board for this project to work.

Step 5: Uploading Sound to Tynker

Step 6: Example Code

Here is an example of what your code in Tynker should look like.

Step 7: Enjoy!