Introduction: Soup Can Forge

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simple 10 inch souo can forge

Step 1: The Legs Handle and Pipe for Your Torch

i used 4 long bolts for the lrgs and 2 washers and 2 nuts with locktight on threads for stand(back legs are shorter than feony to give a filt so moltin steel or aluminum font spill out). 8 inch long piece of quarter inch stainless pipe to put my torch end into yo heat forge and i didnt feel like sacrificing a nice brass handle so i put a bole the same as legs so can move it when hot.

Step 2: Propane Tank Mold

i used a 1lb propane tank(have hundreds of from camping heaters) and put ecact in middle of tin and slowly poured and packed with a piece of wood as i went until i got to edge and smoothed off the top. also male sure that thr stainless steel tube adaoter is flush against propanr tank(important)

Step 3: Carefully Takr Out Propane Tank

very carefully take out the propane tank by taking a rubber mallet or small hammer and tapping against the side of the top of the tank while the cement mixture is still a little damp but almost dry it needs to be a little damp still so you can get the propane tank loose cuz if you let it dry all the way I doubt you'll be able to hold the tank out without breaking the mold

Step 4: Let Dry. Heat and Shspe Metal

make sure the mold is completely dry and the concrete is completely dry and then you are ready to start heating and making your metal. I have a hex bolt in there as an example of my next project which will be either a blade for a hunting knife or a dagger I have not decided which yet

Step 5: Take Out Tank (careful)

Step 6: Propane Tank

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