Introduction: Sous Vide Steaks

You will love cooking steaks with your Sous Vide. You can't overcook them. They turn out delicious. You can prepare ahead of time. Fun, easy way to prepare steaks and you will get lots of compliments!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need a Sous Vide tool. You can buy or borrow one. There are many brands. I got mine at Best Buy.

You will need a pan to hold the water. The Sous Vide device clamps to the pan.

You will need water.

You will need steaks. My favorite are rib-eye. Boneless or bone in are fine. You can choose any steak you like. Choice grade is delicious because it has more marbling.

Then you will want some seasoning like salt and pepper or steak seasoning.

You will also need FREEZER ziplock bags.

To finish the steaks you need an oven, or a grill, or a fry pan/stove or a torch. Lots of options.

And some garlic butter (Just melted butter and garlic salt works great).

Step 2: Set Up Sous Vide

Clamp your Sous Vide to the pan. You just turn the knob to tighten. The Sous Vide goes inside the pan. Then fill the pan with water. Make sure you fill above the minimum line on the Sous Vide. Don't fill it too full or it will overflow when you add the steaks.

Now set the temperature on the Sous VIde. If you like medium rare, set to 129 degrees.

You will see the temperature display rise as the water heats.

120 for Rare, 140 for Medium, 160 for Well Done

Step 3: Get Your Steaks Ready

Season your steaks with salt and pepper or with your favorite steak seasoning. You can put other herbs in too like in this picture, but it really isn't necessary. Salt and pepper is great.

Then if you have a vacuum sealer, put the steak in the bag and vacuum seal. The vacuum seal sucks the air out of the bag and then seals the bag.

You can also use freezer ziplocks. Make sure they are freezer ones so they don't melt.

You can put multiple steaks in a bag or single.

Step 4: After Water Is Pre-heated, Drop Them in the Water

Drop the sealed bags in the water. An easy way to get the air out of the ziplock is to clip the bag to the top of the pan. Then open and the air will go out the bag. Then re-seal. You don’t want water to get in the bag. You can leave the bag clipped to the pan while it cooks.

Step 5: Cook

Now just let them cook for 1 1/2 hours to 4 hours. They won’t overcook. They won’t get any higher than the temperature you set.

Step 6: Pre-heat What Ever You'll Use to Sear Your Steaks

You can use a BBQ grill, a fry pan/stove, or the broiler in the oven. Or if you feel brave, try using a torch with a flame. Pre-heat so it is really hot when you are ready to sear your steaks.

Step 7: Prepare Garlic Butter

Melt about a tablespoon of butter per steak. You can use the microwave to melt it really quickly. It only takes about 20-30 seconds. Then add some garlic salt to the butter. You are going to brush this on the steaks to sear them. It adds great flavor.

Step 8: Sear Steak

Just before you are ready to eat, take the steaks out of the Sous Vide water. Remove them from the package. Brush them with garlic butter. Then sear them for one minute on each side. Sear them on grill, in hot fry pan or under broiler in oven.

Don't overcook. The steaks are already cooked perfectly. You just want to sear them to make crisp crust and make them look delicious.

Step 9: That's It

Bon Appetit! Enjoy eating your perfectly cooked steaks.

Step 10: Or Use a Torch to Sear

If you have a torch and you are feeling brave, sear the steaks with a torch flame. A friend of mine did this when he cooked a roast with his sous vide. He said it turned out perfectly.