Introduction: South Pacific Shower

The first step is to have your sketches when you plan building your shower. If you don't plan out your shower sketches, you will incorrectly. The scale of the of the shower is 1/4"=1'-0". The height and length of the shower is (H) 8'ft, (L) 6'-1 3/4". The ladder must be on the right side of shower like this to land on the deck.

Step 1: Making the Base of the Shower

Cut out the 2 by 4's into 3'-1 3/4", then leave the 2 of the 2 by 4 to the side to make your outline and cut the two into 3'-1 3/4".

Step 2: Measuring and Sanding the 3-1 3/4

After you lay out the outline of the base, you have to measure and sand the 3'-1 3/4. Make sure that you measure it right so it can fit inside the outline.

Step 3: The Height of the Shower

The height of the shower is 8'ft high without the barrel and ladder. It makes the top of the shower look taller. Cut the plank wood in half.

Step 4: The Top of the Shower

The top base of the shower has a spigot and a chain strapped to the barrel. The barrel is metal and is put up there by hand. The structure below must be handle by chains and rope to hold it down.

Step 5: The Painting the Shower

The color of the shower is brown. To make it look like old and wet, add water to the paint. Paint all the wood.

Step 6: The Safety Hazard

Make sure the 3'-1 3/4 edges are not sharp so the actors and actresses won't cut themselves. Sand the wood short and smooth.

Step 7: The Style

You have to cut the wood zig-zag by 3'-1 3/4 by using band saw on the end of it.

Step 8: The Finish Touches

After building and painting the shower, add the ladder and the barrel to the shower. Then, tape some pictures and signs on the door and the barrel to the left.