Introduction: Space Invader Origami

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Hey space troopers!!!.

Follow this instructable to create your own Space Invader spaceship made out of paper and lead your way to conquering the entire universe!

Step 1: Material(s?):

All you need for this project is a sheet of any sort of paper.

For this project I used an 11"x 8.5" bond paper.

Step 2: Paper the Paper

Just cut the paper in half lengthwise

Step 3: Folding Part 1: the "X" Folds

Fold both ends of the paper forming "X" fold marking.

This done by folding the upper left corner of the paper diagonally until the edge of the paper width coincides with opposite edge of the paper length. Do the same with the upper right corner of the paper.

Step 4: Folding Part 2: the "Cockpit"

Now that we have folded "X" mark on both end of our paper, we will now decide which end will be the "cockpit" or the "wing".

For the "cockpit", fold the sides of the "X" mark inside forming an upright "double" triangle.

Then fold-over the right corner of the upper triangle downward. Do the same with the left corner of the triangle.

Step 5: Folding Part 3: the "Wings"

For the wings, the instruction are just the same with the folding of cockpit except that the over lapping triangle formed should not be further folded.

Step 6: Folding Part 4: the "Body"

The side connecting the wings and the cockpit should be folded as well to minimize paper area and provide maneuverability when attaching the wings and cockpit by folding the body.

Just fold both sides until its edge is touching the edge where the wings or cockpit was folded.

Step 7: Folding Part 5: Assembly "Transformers"

We will now connect the "wings" and the "cockpit".

First fold the wings over the cockpit. Then insert the folded part of the cockpit into the folded part of the wing as shown in the pictures provided.

At this point we already have a practical spaceship origami.

Step 8: Folding Part 6: the Finishing Touches

At this stage we'll have to fold the wings upright, fold the back fins and the cockpit shields.

And now you have it. Your very own space Invader Origami.

Hope you like it!


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