Introduction: Low Profile Book Shelf

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This is my first instructable guide. Hope you can see thru my spelling, and hope i can inspire you to make some awesome bookshelves!

Step 1: Materials for the Build

I am working on a large factory that throws away a LOT of goodies, and i also have a habit of collecting the "best" stuff, and brewing up some new designs. :)

I made this bookshelf for my daughter from a thrown away table top, with a router milling error as you can see.

I did not take pictures of me cutting off the edges, but i think you can figure that one part out by you self. :)

And i did not take pictures of my mounting system. ( That's because i made a shortcut and used a CNC for that ) It is just a straight track with a 30 degree angle in it. It is doable with a handheld router. You can also just mount it with screws in the corners.

List of stuff i used:

1x MDF Back panel = 1000 x 600 x 22 mm

4(6)x MDF Shelfs = 550 x 22 x 22 mm

4 Meter bungie cord 2½ - 3mm thickness.

5(7)x paper clips

Paint, and equipment to paint

About 2 hour build, plus painting!

Step 2: The Making and Painting

Well, after you collect what is needed for this project, you have to decide how much space you would like between the shelfs, and drill thru the back panel with a Ø3mm drill. On one of the sides you have to drill about 5 - 10mm into the Ø3mm hole with something bigger. I used a Ø5mm drill as countersink.

Paint it all, and make a few extra shelfs while you are at it. Doing this gives you a shelf to try with. it might split if you are not carefull while fasten it to the backpanel!

I used a normal white prime, twice on the edges with a sanding in between.

Finish is normal white matt paint.

The shelves are gray because that's what i had at that time. :)

Step 3: Bungie Cord

After the paint job i added a white bungie cord to keep the books on the shelf.

For this i used a paper clip to ease prosses.

I did mount the shelves before starting, so i could get a exact overview of how it would be like at the end.

The 1. time, tie a knot and let it slip into the countersinked hole before trimming it down.

The middle hole i used the paper clip to help guide it thru, and secure it on the back with a unfolded paperclip.

Ending with a knot after the 3. time.

Doing this with all the shelfs.

Step 4: Mounting

I made some wall mounts from scrap metal. A 30 degree angle, and about 1cm of material to hang on.

As i said before: You could also just put a screw in the corners. ( Or behind a book if you wanted to hide them. )

Step 5: Enjoy

It is a easy and fun project to make.

You could even do it with pallets, or a old locker door. Perhaps even straight on the wall. :)

Hope you enjoyed this guide, or even better! Got inspired to create something new.

-- Remember it's my first instructable so please be gentle with me. :)

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