Introduction: Space Saving Loft Bed for a Bookworm/night Owl (NOT IN CHICAGO AREA)

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So here's my situation. I currently share a bedroom with my younger brother, so i only get half a room to myself. Being the creative teen that I am, i just can't let this slide. So here's the idea. If i can't get more floor space to myself, why not utilize the air above me for space? And thus the loft bed idea was born. I found some ideas online, but none really suited my needs as a night-time reader. i like to read in bed. so as such i decided to use my (Officially certified{Yes i have a certificate to prove it}) skills in Autodesk AutoCAD to design my very own. A few things i had to take into consideration:
1: The ceiling is 8ft high, so the bed itself has to be about 5ft or so.
2: I only have about 8' x 3' of floorspace to work with.
3:I need light to read by, a softer light than that of the ceiling fan.
4: as plans for a future project involving space currently occupied by my dilapidated dresser, i decided to incorporate a wardrobe of sorts to the design.
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-=|UPDATE 11/12/13|=-

     I'm currently working on a new and improved version of this design. same concept, just a ton of improvements. thank you all for your constructive criticisms and I'm taking them into account. The bed looks more "Solid" now, and I'll be posting it as a separate instructable and entering it into the contest, so seeya soon. <(^-^<( 

-=|UPDATE 1/21/2014|=-

AutoCAD is being a pain and as a result I've had to scrap al of my progress on this project and start anew as the file got corrupted somehow. Looks like I'm Starting over.

Loft Bed Remake, Take 2


Step 1: A Solid Foundation

The first thing i needed was a rough frame to start.

Step 2: Dress for Success

Now as i built upon the frame i thought of different features that would prove useful to me, like a bookshelf and a wardrobe.

Oh and a mattress. I could definitely use a mattress. 

I also took into account that the bed would not sit up against the wall perfectly due to the floorboards. the one's shown in this rendering are 3/8" inch thick.

Step 3: Light the Way

Now i decided that I'm going to need some light to read by, so why not the mellow light of some RGB mixed LEDs? also added a back to the bookshelf along with lights under the bed for general purpose.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

     And thats about it. I had a blast designing this one, and it only took about 13 hours spanning 2 weeks to finish. I plan to build this one as well as incorporate a beanbag chair for reading under the bed. I'll be sure to post that as i build it.

     Until next time, Peace out.
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