Introduction: Spacecadet Helmet - Instructables From the Beach #2

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We brought loads of stuff back from our holidays on the Isle of May - and here is the second instructable based on the beachcombings. More to come.

This really simple instructable shows you how to make a basic helmet. It would be suitable for further development as a space helmet, flying helmet or similar to your own taste.

You will need:
An old plastic ball bigger than your head. This ball is a basketball that I found on the beach.
Sharp scissors or craft knife

Optional extras: mini radio and loudspeakers or headphones

Step 1: Cut the Ball

You might want to clean the outside of the ball first.

Then using scissors or a craft knife you need to cut the hole that will fit your neck and face. The neck part will probably be smaller than the face part, but you can adjust by cutting more later.

The shape you will cut out is a bit like a fat dumb bell - bigger at each end and narrower in the middle. See the third picture below - the cut out is sort of fooprint shaped.

Step 2: Turn Inside Out

Now turn the ball inside out.

This ball was a hideous green and pink on the outside but a cool shiny black inside. If the ball had any kind of leak the inside will be pretty foul so now you need to give it a good scrub, perhaps even with bleach.

The last picture shows the finished article. Well, I say finished, but actually this is merely the base for you to personalise. I think this makes a cool space helmet

Step 3: Space Helmet

I have fitted a cheap scanner radio (from a One Pound shop) and loudspeakers, to make it more fun, but I bet there are loads more interesting uses you could think up.