Introduction: Spaceship Made From Trash!

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Building a spaceship made from trash was the perfect stay-at-home project! Recycled some trash and made something that was fun and creative!

I filmed and edited a YouTube video where I show and tell all the steps and my tricks and thought process so feel free to watch that too.

Step 1: Materials

I recommend only using what trash you have. You don't have to use exactly what I used but look over everything you can find that is trash and look at it from all angles. We will combine and paint in one color which will unify it all together.

The main body I used for my ship was a dust pan but some good alternatives could be a shampoo bottle, delivery box, 2 litter soda bottle, old shoe, cereal box, or anything else like that.

Step 2: Glue Together

Now is the fun part of deciding what your ship will look like. See what looks most like a ship part. You can look up references or create something that no one has ever seen. It's your ship. Make it your way.

One trick that I found helped was stuffing caps with newspaper so there is more surface area for the glue to stick to. If your ship surface was as smooth as my dust pan, then take a knife and add scratches to the surface for the glue to hold on to.

If you have wire or solder, the you can glue that to the ship to resemble connecting piping.

Step 3: 3D Printed Parts (Optional)

This is optional but I have a 3D printer so I modeled and printed some extra little parts called greebles and I'll add a link to the stl file here.

Step 4: Paint Weathering

I used two spray paint colors, blue for the engines, taped that part off, then used red spray paint for the main body. Use thin coats and allow it to fully dry.

The next part was a lot of fun. It's called weathering where you add all the small details that this ship would encounter over a long period of time in space. Like an old beat up truck.

Take some black acrylic paint and add water to it. Brush that on all over one part and make sure it gets in the cracks. Then quickly brush the majority away leaving the black in certain areas which looks like weathering details.

Then brush on a silver paint onto the edges where the paint might have scraped away.

Step 5: VFX Green Screen (Optional)

I am familiar with visual effects so I couldn't help myself from using my green screen and after effects to replace the background and add myself flying in space. There is help on this on YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed this fun stay-at-home project and thank you for watching! I hope you give this a try and have fun! Stay safe.

Youtube - 3DSage