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Introduction: Spaghetti Quick and Cheap

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This is how I make spaghetti very fast, very cheap. Great idea for a single person, a college student with a microwave, or someone who is very limited on food and money resources. << There seems to be a lot of that going around these days.

Step 1: Lets Begin

Have you ever wanted to make a bowl of Spaghetti in under 6 minutes hot and on the table? How about a single serving with no real leftovers?

Well here is my method.

I take the noodles out of a Ramen pack and discard the salty flavor packet.
Cooking the noodles in about 1 1/2 cup of water either on the stove, over a campfire, or in the microwave all works.

when the noodles separate with a fork easily drain the water and return noodles to the pan.

Step 2: Final Step

Open your glass jar of spaghetti sauce and with a large serving size spoon put about 3-4 spoons full of sauce on the noodles. (you could do this after the noodles are in the dish your choice).

Either heat for 15 seconds in the microwave and stir or return to the stove on low heat until the sauce and noodle are the temperature you prefer.

I then add some Parmesan cheese to add more flavor.

EAT ENJOY! its that simple.

IF by chance you are making 4 servings you can do this recipe even cheaper by buying the canned (non glass) containers of spaghetti sauce as they are usually less expensive. 3-4 noodle packs is all the extras you need :)

I buy the re-sealable glass jars so I can refrigerate the left over sauce until I want to make another bowl.

FOOT NOTE ***************
If you have a 2+ year old or a senior citizen who struggles to keep spaghetti among other things on a fork or spoon I find that these very wavy noodles stay on a fork or spoon much easier and might cause less stress for some one with eating challenges.

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    2 years ago

    It tastes just fine as long as you do not get anywhere near the "seasoning packet." Btw, Ramen noodles are very forgiving in terms of how long and when and what comes first, microwave or not. The pasta sauce is a welcome improvement on what comes packed with the noodles.


    9 years ago

    Actually the taste is good. Of course it will mostly taste like the brand of sauce you purchased. The noodles are noodles !


    9 years ago

    Haha lazy, quick and fast. My kinda meal xD but how does it taste?