Introduction: Spaghetti With Teriyaki Shrimp


Step 1:

We will start with spaghetti! We will need to put tap water (any temperature) into a pot. We need to have the stove of the pot at high. We will have to wait until the water boils. It will take about 11-12 minutes.

Step 2:

Put the amount of shrimp you want into the bowl. Put hot tap water into the bowl and wait until the shrimp is soft. It will take about 10 minutes.

Step 3:

Now, that the water is boiling. Put the amount of spaghetti you want into the pot. Break it in half with your hands. Let the spaghetti sit for 10 minutes and focus on our shrimp! Move it around with spaghetti spoon.

Step 4:

When the shrimp is soft, take the water out of the bowl without the shrimp falling out. Then, we will be using this pot for the shrimp. You will need to spray the “Pam” onto the pot, so the pot won’t burn.

Step 5:

Add the shrimp on the pot. Add Seasoned Salt, Black Pepper and Teriyaki (in any amount you want) Mix it all with a spatula.

Step 6:

Check if the spaghetti is ready. There is many ways ( you can look up online) to know your spaghetti is ready. I throw one spaghetti up the air and if it sticks it’s done :)

Step 7:

If the spaghetti is finished, put the spaghetti pot into the colander. The colander will drain all the spaghetti water. Then, place the spaghetti into the bowl/plate you will be eating out of (with the shrimp)

Step 8:

This is the last touch towards our spaghetti. Add Tomato Sauce( the one I used was “Ragu : Tomato, Garlic, and Onion) , Seasoned Salt , Black Pepper, and Oregano Leaves towards the spaghetti. Mix it with a fork.

Step 9:

If your shrimp is just the way you want it, add it to the bowl/plate of spaghetti.

Step 10: