Introduction: White Chocolate Noodles/spaghetti

I love creating and presenting food and desserts in a very unique way.

This time it was spaghetti for a sweettooth

In this little cafe in black forest(Germany)I happened to stumble upon a dessert resembling spaghetti but made up of chocolate. I was fairly impressed and thru many trials and failures this is what I came up with this failproof method.

It is pretty simple and requires very few ingredients, none the less an immensely IMPRESSIVE and yummy dessert chocolate.

Step 1: Ingredients and Materials

chocolate spaghetti

200g white chocolate( either chips or regular bars)

50 ml full fat whipping cream

a vermicelli press


mixing spoon

for the Strawberry sauce

1/2 cup Stawberry jam

2Tsp warm water

2tsp rum(optional....when no children around...shhhh)

Step 2: Lets Get Started!!!!

Heat up the cream till hot( not boiling).

Once hot remove from the heat and pour it over the white chocolate.

Mix around with a spoon so that it forms a homogenous mixture(liquidy).

Refrigerate till it sets( 20-30 mins)

Whilst still cold ladle out the semi soft chocolate paste into the noodle press.

Depending on the size of the press, you can fill up the press with the chocolate batter and place in the fridge till you want to serve it.

Step 3: Sauce

take the jam/jelly of your choice( I take strawberry- red and we love the flavor)

add little water and microwave for a short 50 sec

stir and mix well

add the rum if you wish.

the easy peasy sauce is ready.

Step 4: Serving

Grease the insides of the vermicelli press with a bit of butter so that the chocolate doesn't stick to the sides(what a waste that would be!)

Put a spoonful of the chocolate mixture into the vermicelli press and squeeze out chocolate noodles directly into the dessert bowls/ dishes.

Press out in swirls.

Top with the strawberry sauce.

Garnish with desiccated coconut or leftover chocolate scrapings.(to mimic parmesan cheese)

Garnishing suggestions:

you could also pop in a few Fererro Roche balls to make it look like little meat balls.

Enjoy your Chocolate Spaghetti Dessert!!!!

Best wishes



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