Introduction: Paper Pistol That Shoots Bullets(paper)

This little paper Pistol Is absolutely fascinating. It can actually shoot out paper bullets.

We have made such guns to knock down pyramids of paper cups, at Fairs and Birthday parties....something that everyone enjoys.

DISCLAIMER: though this is a paper toy, care should be taken whilst shooting , making sure that no person or animals are targeted or target is away from persons.

Step 1: Material Needed

5 sheets of A4 printer paper. I used 2yellow and 3white since it is easier to explain.

Hot glue gun, makes life much easier. or simple paper glue( consider the longer drying period)


Sticky tape.

1 tough rubber band (choose the same color as the gun so that it looks invisible)

Step 2: Forming the Template Roll

Take an A4 white and begin rolling it in from one of the corners.

Roll on till the whole paper is rolled into a tight straw. stick the open end of the paper with a sticky tape.

This forms the template straw.

make 2 of these template straws.

Step 3: Building the Body of the Pistol

placing he template straw horizontally-lengthwise at one end on the yellow sheet roll the sheet into straw. Stick the open end along he whole length of the yellow paper. Pull out the template straw.

2 Hollow yellow straws are such formed.

Step 4:

mark one straw at 5 cms. and the other straw at 15cm and 7cm.

cut them out.we now have 5x5cm

1x 15cm


Step 5: Sticking

Stick the pieces with your glue gun as shown in the pic.

5x5cm,then 1x7cm, and lastly 15cm.

See that the 5cm ones are slightly slanting. this forms the body of the pistol.

Take the template straw and fold it at 7 and 3 cm to form a Z and stick it into the 4th hollow straw(from above) and the other end just below the barrel of the gun. Leave 1cm below the barrel free( to hold the rubber band. Any excess template straw can be cut off.

Flatten the template straw with your fingers or some heavy object and encase the pistol body along he lower and outer border. Stick it in place with glue.

Step 6: Making the Trigger

take a template straw. Bend it at 4cm-1cm- 8cm. same it into a 1_1.

Push the smaller end into the hollow of the 3rd and the longer into the 2nd straw- such that a part of the "u" stands out.-this is the trigger.

remove the trigger and glue the open ends just to seal it. once dried reinsert the trigger in place.

Step 7: Mechanism.

take a square piece of paper20cmX20cm.

Roll from the corner along diagonal like the template straw, stick the free end with a sticky tape. Cut out 3cm from the edge-discard that. Cut the other end to straighten it.

Flattern this end around 3 cm.

Place Rubber band in it fold back and stick with the sticky tape to loop in the band.

Insert this tube with its free end into the upper most straw of the pistol, from behind.

The folded end being thicker stands out.

Stretch the rubber band between the barrel tube and the white tube(see- the rubber band is almost invisible in the foto)

Step 8: How to Use the Pistol.

Rolled up paper steps of 4cm breadth can be used for bullets.

Place the trigger in position.

Pull the upper white straw with rubber band from behind and let the edge of the folded straw rest on the edge of the 2nd straw. Insert the bullet into the barrel.

Hold the pistol placing the index finger on the trigger.


Press the Trigger-------- shoot your target.

Practice makes it perfect.


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