Introduction: Spanish Omelette (Tortilla De Patatas)

Spanish Omelette History

 The spanish omelette is a traditional dish in Spain. This famous dish haves a lot of history. It was created in the XVII century and it's tradition is still alive.

Step 1: Materials You Need!

Here we are going to show you the basic materials you need to cook this delicious food.

Cooking Materials

Flying pan or skillet (1)
2. Bowl (1)
3. Spatula (1)
3. Mixer (1)
4. Knife (1)


Eggs (4)
2. Potatoes (1/2 kilo)
3. Onions (as you want)
4. Olive Oil (as you want)
5. Salt (as you want)
6. Margarine (as you want)

Step 2: Step 1

1. Wash and cut the potato in thin stripes.
2. Also put olive oil inside the flying pan and add the potatoes stripes too.
3. Later on, add salt (as you want) and let fry the potatoes. 

Step 3: Step 2

1. Inside the bowl, mix the eggs and add salt (as you want) as the same time. 
2.Next add the potatoes inside the bowl.

Step 4: Step 4

1. Heat a small flying pan with two tablespoons of oil.
2. Pour potato mixture and eggs.
3. Stir until the egg is going getting tough, then turn around, leave both sides cooked.

Enjoy :) .

Step 5: History

The Spanish tortilla is the most common gastronomic specialty found all over Spain. There are hundreds of variations even in any one specific region, but the most common is the one made with eggs, potatoes and onion. Until recently, the first known document that referenced the tortilla de patatas was a letter
dated from 1817, led to the Cortes de Navarra, in which it was says that the people of Pamplona consumed two or three eggs in tortilla, for five or six people, mixing potatoes, bread, etc., while farmers had nothing to eat. Some claim that it was General Thomas Zumalacárregui who invented the potato omelette “for necessity”, as it was a simple and nutritious dish that can satisfy the appetite army .