Introduction: Spare Part Ski Sled

This project was done for my STEM class and only used parts that we had laying around. Being a skier I had a ton of old and broken skies just waiting to be repurposed. I thought the most fun I could have with them would be in sled form. Beware becuase this project only uses spare parts the final product isn't completely sound, I just suggest riding it too fast.

Materials used:

Pair of 195cm rossignol GS skis

Pair of 168cm rossignol freeride skis

One atomic 148 atomic freeride ski

Wood slats from old bunk bed

Miscellaneous screws

Wood glue

4 Clamps

Pozi driver

Step 1: Removing Hardware

The pair of rossignol free skis I was using were still mounted with bindings, so the first thing that needed to happen is for the binding to be removed so I was working with just the skis. in order to do this the pozi driver was used to remove all of the hardware keeping the binding in the ski. the binding should come right off after that.

Step 2: Intial Setup

before anything is done permanently to the ski things were measured and wood glued into place. started by place two wood slats of roughly the same size on the rossignol GS skis and glueing and clamping them vertically, to where they were flush with the ends of the skis.

Step 3: More Permanent Setu

once the wood glue had dried the slats were screwed into the ski itself. the screws used were completely random and I used basically somthing i thought would go through the wood and rest in the middle of the ski.

Step 4: Support

after that two other spare pieces of wood were cut evenly and screwed into the bottom of the existing slates in a V shape for support.

Step 5: Clearance

in order to feel not so low to the ground another set of shorter equally cut slats were wood glues on to the preexisting ones. they were clamped down and let fully dry.

Step 6:

the rossignols were lined up on opposite sides of the clearance slats with their tails flush and then screwed into the slates. the atomic was centered in between the other two then screwed in. this is the bed that you'll lay on kind of like a skeleton.

Step 7: Final Product

your final product is a sled completely made out of spare parts, that will probably be impossible to steer, go way to fast and overall be very unstable. But it might be fun who knows...