Spatter Guard for Philips Airfryer




Introduction: Spatter Guard for Philips Airfryer

I love to make bacon in my Philips Airfryer but it causes a lot of excess smoke so I came up with this solution to make a spatter guard.

Step 1: Supplies Required

You will need:
1. spatter guard from your local dollar store
2. permanent marker
3. scissors or blade that will cut through metal screen
4. pliers
5. Sugru (Optional - only to cover sharp edges. I suppose you could use aluminum foil.)

Step 2: Trace

Trace around the bottom of the fryer basket with the permanent marker.

Step 3: Cut Out

Using your scissors or a blade cut around the tracing marks with a small border.

Step 4: Bend Edges

With your pliers bend the edges along the tracing marks.

Step 5: Optional - Cover Edges

I didn't do this step but if you want to you can cover the edges with the aluminum foil or with Sugru (which is heat safe) if you have it.

Step 6: Use It!

Place your bacon on the fry pan attachment and position the spatter guard on top. Set timer for eight minutes and broil. Using tongs lift off the spatter guard. Remove bacon to paper towel. Then make yourself an amazing grill cheese sandwich that of course is cooked in your airfryer and enjoy!!!!

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    6 years ago

    I can't wait to make this what a great idea. It will work well when we do our tortilla chips in the fry basket as well.

    Thank you so much

    Wow that's so clever, and I bet can really help to make food so much healthier! Thanks for sharing your awesome trick!