Introduction: Speaker Box Fume Extractor

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Hello! In this instructable i will explain how to convert a old speaker box to an effective fume extractor. A fume extractor is a must for soldering. A good fume extractor could be expensive for you. But it can be made easily with few parts and a little efford.

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Let's get started!

Things you will need:

1)A speaker box or similar old box without much holes on it.
2)2x12v DC Fan
3)1.2 to 2mm Active Carbon Filter. You can search it as aquarium foam filter.
4)12v PSU (Preferable a variable supply. Because sometimes you will need less airflow in 
your work area.) A speed controller circuit can be used with a fixed 12v PSU.
5) Hotglue gun, soldering unit, tools for cutting/drilling wood, some cables.
6)ON/OFF switch and connector. (OPTIONAL)

Step 1: Let's Make It

First you need to decide positions of your fans. A straight air flow is better. Airflow must go from filter to fans. After you decide the position of your fans you need to decide position of your switch and power connector.

After making your decisions you need to cut holes for fans, switch and connector. Glue them to their places and make sure there isn't any unwanted air gaps. Because airflow must go only from filter to fans.

After finishing them you need to make cable connections. I added a picture of the circuit. Wire fans in parallel and put switch on the positive side and also wire your connector and check your connections. Then test circuit with your power supply. If everything is okay, you can cut your filter to the size of speaker box.

Now you can test it with some smoke. It must suck the smoke directly. If not check voltage of your power supply and look for air gaps.

Done! I hope this will be helpful for you. Keep your air clean ;)

Note: I saw people using dish sponges or other foams as filter. Don't do it. They only filter big dust particles. Active carbon filter is a must and it is not hard to find.

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