Introduction: Speaker Horn Lamp

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Building a cool lamp out of an old vintage horn from a record player. This lamp will go over my record player and provide light for reading my LP labels. An old 45 record covers the base plate made of particle board and tissue covers the particle board base to make it look like aged leather.


Jig saw


drill bits

screw driver

wire cutters

wire strippers


hanging hook

mod podge

tissue paper

foam brush

lamp base

light bulb

power cord

Step 1: Cut the Base Add the Hook

I used the record to get the size and shape I wanted for the wood base.

I used a pencil to mark my lines.

I cut the hole for the horn, and measure your horn neck to make the mounting hole to your size needed to mount your horn.

Added a mounting hanger.

Step 2: Prepare the Wood Mounting Base

I used Mod Podge to glue the tissue on the wood base and make it look wrinkled and so you don't see the wood base. Trim the paper and clean up the edges.

Step 3: Prepare Your Power Cord

Warning: If you are not comfortable using AC power and don't know how to wire a lamp base please get help from a knowledgeable person who understands electricity and safety.

Cut the cord if needed and strip the wires back, remove the ground wire if the power cord has one because my base doesn't have a mount lug for the ground. It only has the hot and neutral lines lugs.

Step 4: Route the Wire

Route the wire through all the pieces. The base, the horn and then screw the base plate to the correct wires.

Step 5: Install Base Into Horn

Glue the plate into the horn and screw in the light bulb. Check your wiring that it turns on when you plug it in!

I used hot glue to mount the base plate. Both the electrical plate in the horn and the wood plate that the hanger is on.

Step 6: Hang and Light Up Your Music Listening Room

Wall mounting on the hanger was a bit weird, I will mount this lamp more permanently when I place it above my recorded player by drilling a small pilot hole and using a longer screw to attach it to the stud in the wall to mount it securely.

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