Introduction: Speaker Stash/compartment

This is how to turn your speakers into a secret compartment (my first ible)

Step 1: Tools/items You Want to Stash

Screwdriver / Set (be prepared)
Items to put into stash example: lighter, knife

Step 2: Open the Speaker Up

Mine has the screws hidden behind a plastic cover (take care removing it, I broke a little tab as it was glued)
Find your screws location
Start to remove them
Leave one in place to be ready to catch anything
Put the screws in a safe place to avoid knocking them over and losing them
Put the speaker to one side try to avoid putting stress on the wires
Start to fill it up with your items

Step 3: Reassembling

Put the speaker into its place
Put the screws in
Replace the cover
Attempt to make it look like it was not opened

Step 4: Finished

All done you have completed the tutorial
Enjoy the stash remember to keep it a secret or it will no longer be a secret stash
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