Introduction: Spear

This project is relativity easy and somewhat flexible. I made this because thought this might be fun to make.

Step 1: Sketch

Make a sketch of your spear. Make the point and shaft however long and thin you want. They must be connected as one body.

Step 2: Revolving

Revolve the sketch 360 degrees. You can do this by clicking the sketch and clicking on revolve in the create tab.

Step 3: Connecting (Optional)

Click on the end of the spear. Go to create. Make a hole of any size that fits in it with flat drill point.

Step 4: Connecting (Optional)

Click on the inside of the wall and use thread of any size. Thread can be found under create.

Step 5: Connecting (Optional)

Make a cylinder that could fit in the hole you make. You can do this by clicking on the bottom of the hole and extruding using the New Body function to make it flat. Extrude can be found in the create tab. Then move it out. You can move stuff by using the modify tab.

Step 6: Connecting (Optional)

Click on the outside of the cylinder and thread THE EXACT SAME WAY you did with the hole.

Step 7: Connecting (Optional)

Make a sketch on the back side of the cylinder. It needs to be the same size as the shaft.

Step 8: Connecting (Optional)

Then extrude it.

Step 9: Connecting (Optional)

Repeat steps 3-8 as many times as needed.