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Dieting is very popular in girls and I know one of them she is my cute cousin and today is her birthday. Because of lockdown I am not able to buy any thing for her so I am going to make some thing for her form the material which is available to me that is one and only papers. Lets start...........


For making this you need.
1) Papers ( Green, White, Dark green)
2) Glue
3) color for decoration
4) Pencil
5) Scale.

Step 1: Glue It Together

1) Using scale and pencil make parallel lines (distance between lines should be 2 to 3 cm) and name them A, B, A, B.......
2) Take a green sheet of dimensions 10cm * 8cm
3) place it on lines you have made.
4) Now put the glue on line A only and stick the other green paper on it.
5) This time put the glue on line B stick the other paper on it. Repeat the process till 30 to 40 sheets.

Step 2: Mark and Cut

1) Make a semicircle on the sheets ( green).
2) Make a leaf on dark green paper using pencil.
3) Cut it neatly along the markings. But don't throw the cuttings I'll tell you the use of cuttings at the end.

Step 3: Stick It on Card.

1) Stick the cutout on card and don't forget to stick the leaf.
2) Decorate it as per your choice.

Step 4: Use of Cuttings.

1) Cut it straight
2) Stick the ends together
3) Make it like cylinder
4) stick the bottom on the circular base
5) Now you can put the candle inside it. Now you can use the waste also.

Step 5: Final Products.

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