Introduction: Speedor Robot

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I wanted to make another Instructable that was not quite so easy as my Easy Leftover Robot, but still beginner level. Also, check out this for more info.


Enclosure of choice

2 9-12 volt fans

9 volt motor


3 9 volt batteries

3 9 volt battery clips


2 ground level springs

3 33,000 pf capacitors


Measuring tape

Hot glue and gun

Wire cutters



Utility knife

Soldering iron and gear

Heat shrink tubing

Heat gun or hair dryer

Step 1: Fan Wiring

First, wire and solder your 33 k pf caps, battery clips, and fans together. Then, put your heat shrink tubing on and shrink it. You could also put it on beforehand, but I did it after.

Step 2: Motor Wiring

Do the same thing you did with the fans, but with a motor.

Step 3: Wheel

Hot glue the wheel to the motor shaft and let it dry (for a whole 30 seconds. Whew!) Also, if your wheel does not have treads, pipe some hot glue on the wheel for treads.

Step 4: Holes

Cut a wheel-sized hole into the middle of your enclosure bottom and 2 small holes in the sides.

Step 5: Assembly

Hot glue the motor and wheel to the side of the hole in the bottom. Hot glue the fans side by side on the lid. Thread the wires through the holes in the side.

Step 6: Test Drive and End

Connect all 9 volt batteries, name it, and let er' rip! I named mine Speedor. If it doesn't work, troubleshoot until it's done. Have fun!


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